Self-Respect Challenge

My friend made this challenge for me, I decided to take it after a long year of her waiting for me to take it. I’m not going to cheat. I’ll update this post every day until I finish 30 days. I challenge all of you to also take this challenge.

Self-respect: Self respect comes from what you do, not how you feel. Self respect is making positive actions that will positively impact your life.

Day 1: Name 5 reasons of why you are worthy of real love

  • God loves me
  • I’m caring
  • Give people my all
  • I know my self worth
  • Stay when things get hard in a relationship


Interracial Dating

Love knows no color
we love with our heart
loving without barriers
we write with our soul
therefore we are artists…

this is a poem
about interracial love
sit back and read it
and learn like Aesop’s fables…

I am as light as milk chocolate

He is bright as day
when we are together
we create a radiant light..

I am the bright Asian princess,

but dark against his ivory skin
contrasting the shades of our bodies
we marinate in reality’s dreams
stapling our color together
a passion that takes us
to forbidden exotic places…

Our color entangles within our arms
we dance in meadows taboo
we kiss in the soft tall grass
crushing daisies with our naked bodies..

we speak bliss and love with our tongues
a language not even my Asian ancestors would understand
creating magic in our stolen moments
as our bodies yearn to satisfy the other..

Elders before us roll over in their graves in anguish
surprised a love so sacred and eternal
this bridge between two souls
perhaps could be too painful to witness…

His body electric to my brown crescent moon figure
sparking as he caress with vanilla fingers
into any crater that can be found
satisfying the insatiable desires of our shadows..

After long afternoons of tongue and touch
we find safety in our refuge
laying in the ruins of our forbidden pleasures
so snug and serene in our exotic jungle…