Growing Up Korean American // jessiepink1028

Hey y’all! I wanted to share my experience growing up Korean-American. I was inspired by my favorite Asian youtubers, Sophia Chang, Weylie Hoang, and Jenn Im. Hearing their stories, made me The highs, the lows and the lessons I have learned. Let’s get to the questions!

1. Which ethnicity are you?

So like I stated above, I am 100% Korean. I was born in Houston, TX but raised in Greenville, SC.

2. Which generation are you?

I’m a first generation Korean-American. Both of my parents immigrated from Korea when they were younger.

3. What is the first experience where you felt that demarcation of being a minority/different?

My first experience was in pre-school. Just like Jenn, Weylie, and Sophia, I brought in Kimchi Fried Rice and because the kimchi has a smell, everyone around me were disgusted.

4. Were you always proud of your heritage or was there a time you rejected it?

I have always rejected unfortunately until as of recently. Recently, I have accepted that I am Korean, but I am also American. I’m not one or other. Since 2016, I have accepted the Korean side of who I am.

5. What are some stereotypes that you struggle with?

Being Asian, we have smaller eyes and have monolids (most not all). I have to do my eye makeup in a way that is flattering to my monolid eyes.

6. Can you speak your language?

I can speak and understand a little bit, just enough to get by maybe, but I’m definitely not fluent.

7. How has being Asian American affected your relationship with your parents?

I had A LOT of arguments with my mom especially in high school. Growing up, I was the typical Asian kid with good grades and played piano and violin. However, my mom didn’t want me to have a social life. I would lie to my mom saying I would be studying at a friends house, but I would be cheering at a basketball game. When she found out, she wasn’t happy about it; but, I was doing it to get out of P.E. which she understood and let me continue to cheer for the season.

8. How do you feel about your heritage now? Do you identify with it?

I’m proud to be a Korean, especially since K-pop culture is expanding to the US and more people are starting to appreciate our culture, as well as other cultures.

9. What is your favorite thing about being Asian-American/your heritage?

I love experiencing two cultures at once. I get the best of both worlds and it can’t get any better than that! 🙂


Sophia’s Video

Weylie’s Video

Jenn’s Video

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My Flaws | My Perfect Imperfections // jessiepink1028

I remember when AndreasChoice first came up with this tag on YouTube a few years ago. Now it’s slowly coming back around again. I saw this tag recently on YouTube by Weylie Hoang (ilikeweylie) and Sophia Chang (sophiachang) and Jenn Im (clothesencounters). I decided that I would join the bandwagon on this tag too now that I’m older; I feel like I am able appreciate my looks now than I did a few years ago in middle school and high school. So if you have never seen this tag or never heard of it, basically I tell y’all 3 things that I like about myself and 3 things I don’t like about myself. I also decided to do the bonus round of this that Jenn and Sophia and Weylie did which is 1 personality trait I like about myself and 1 personality trait I don’t like or that I need to work on about myself.

So here they are:

3 Things That I Like About Myself

  • I like my lips
    • I love how they aren’t too big or too small and they are plump.
  • I like my legs
    • I love how they are nice and toned. I also love how they look in skinny jeans and heels.
  • I like my eyes
    • I love that I have a little tiny crease  which opens my eyes more. I also love the shape of my eyes.

3 Things That I Don’t Like About Myself

  • Itty Bitty Community
    • I have small, non existent boobs (32A). But it doesn’t stop me from wearing push up bras and still wearing cute bralettes and bandeaus.
  • I don’t like my pinky fingers
    • My pinky fingers are small (well my entire hand is small) and crooked. My right pinky has a little bump on the side too.
  • I don’t like my nose
    • Like most Asians, I have a flat face, especially my nose. I wear glasses and it’s annoying having to push my glasses up often.


1 Personality Trait I Like About Myself

  • 1 personality trait I like about myself is that I am empathetic and I love connecting with people. I love listening to people and trying to connect with them on a more personal level and empathize they’re feelings.

1 Personality Trait I Don’t Like/ Need to Work On About Myself

  • 1 personality trait I don’t like or that I feel like I need to work on is procrastinating. I am lazy and I tend to procrastinate A LOT! I need to work on that haha

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Weylie’s Video

Sophia’s Video

Jenn’s Video

Andrea’s Video

An Open Letter to the Girl He Loved Before Me // jessiepink1028

I don’t know you. You don’t know me. But I can’t help but think about you. 

First off, you are undeniably beautiful. You are gorgeous and lovely and flawless, and it’s easy to see why he was in love with you. But I probably should have suspected that. You were able to catch his attention, which means you had to be pretty damn amazing. I wish I was writing this in bitterness to show you what you lost and how much I dislike you, but it isn’t. I don’t even hate you. This is a thank you letter.

I love him.

I love him more than I ever thought was humanly possible. He came out of nowhere and gave me everything I ever needed or wanted. We clicked instantly and it’s like we were made for each other. We are perfectly in sync. He’s my everything, but before I met him he wasn’t.

At one point, he was your everything. He was the one you loved and you saw the stars in his eyes. You held his hands, kissed his lips, and he probably looked at you like you gave him the world.

He has the sweetest heart. So I can only imagine the sweet words he said to you, the genuine effort he put into romantic gestures for you, and the way he took time to make you feel like the only girl in the world.

I know how all of this ended but I still have so many questions.

Did he say “I love you” the same way he does to me? Did he tell you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world? Did he tell you all of his past? Did he make you laugh? Did he hurt you? Why did you hurt him?

Did you love his sleepy voice in the morning like I do? Could you tell when he’s upset just by the change of his voice like I can? Could you calm the storms in him like I do? Did you listen when he needed someone to lean on like I do? Did you try to make up for all his past hurts like I want to? Did you make him truly happy? Did you ever really love him?

I think about those things anytime I hear him say your name. But, I also think about if you hadn’t been the way you were then I wouldn’t be the luckiest girl in the world and have this wonderful man by my side every single day.

By you breaking his heart, you made room for me. You left and I came. 

Although I hate that you got to love him and hate even more because you hurt him, but I am thankful. 

I am thankful that every day I get to wake up and fall asleep next to him. I’m thankful that I get to spend the day making him laugh.  I’m thankful that I found my best friend and soulmate. I’m thankful that I have him to run to when my world seems upside down and he sets it right. I’m thankful for our late night conversations about silly stuff, serious stuff, and everything in between. I’m thankful that I get to love him and show him what real love is. I’m thankful that we appreciate each other so much. I’m thankful that we both try so hard.

But above all, I’m thankful for his love.

Without you letting go of the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me, I wouldn’t be here the happiest I have ever been. So as much as I think about you and as jealous as I might feel some days, all I can really say is thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Fashion Friday: OOTW | Fall Lookbook // jessiepink1028

Processed with MOLDIV

Top: Body Central

Jeans: TJ tMaxx

Processed with MOLDIV

Top: Macy’s

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Jacket: American Eagle

Processed with MOLDIV

Top: Macy’s


Fishnet Tights: *Mom’ store* (My mom owns 3 retail businesses and she sells these)


Top: Forever 21

Pants: Forever 21


Bodysuit: Kohl’s

Pants: Walmart

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My Night Routine // jessiepink1028

8:00 pm Getting Home

My boyfriend and I normally eat out right after work so we don’t eat dinner at home. Around 8:00pm My boyfriend and I come home. We go straight to our room and I immediately change into comfy clothes.

After that, I get into bed and cuddle with my boyfriend. We talk about our day and also sit on our phones and scroll through social media/blog/watch youtube videos.

10:00 pm Getting Unready

Around 10:00 pm is when I start getting unready. I first take my Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover. After that, I wash my face with my Clarisonic Smart Profile and Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser. Then I hop in the shower. I wash my hair two times a week with Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner for Blonde and Silver Hair. I use a loofa and Cantu Hydrating Body Wash to wash my body. On days that I shave my legs I use my Schick Hydro Silk Razor and EOS Shave Cream.

11:00 pm Goodnight! ♥

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Shop Products Mentioned:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.53.30 PM

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.56.45 PM

Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser

Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner for Blonde and Silver Hair

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.09.28 PM

Cantu Hydrating Body Wash

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.10.04 PM

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.09.18 PM

EOS Shave Cream, Ultra Moisturizing, Lavander Jasmine

September Favorites 2017

Haven’t done a “monthly favorites” post in a while so here’s one for September. I haven’t used many new products lately which is why I haven’t posted a “monthly favorites.” But this month I have been trying some new products that I have enjoyed! I will be splitting the products into 4 categories: makeup, skin care, hair care, fashion, and music.

*****(pictures of the products will be posted soon!)


Coconut Oil Lipgloss

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Foundation (300)

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Pallete (Champagne Pop)

EBIN 24Hour Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

Maybelline Master Conceal by FaceStudio (30 Light/Medium)

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade (Ebony)

Skin Care

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

St. Tropez Self Tanner

Charcoal Peel-off Mask

 Hair Care

Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry


Fry Hat

Black Lace pants with shorts underneath


Southern Belle by Coastal Kid

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato

Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt

Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

Bank Account by 21 Savage

Fall Lookbook

Look #1:

Jacket- American Eagle

Pants- Forever 21

Denim Crop Top- Charlotte Russe


Look #2:



Shirt- Forever 21

Bralette- Kohl’s

Pants- Forever 21


Look #3:


Flannel- TJ Maxx

Crop-Top Forever 21

Jenas- TJ Maxx

Hat- Walmart


Look #4:

Shirt- Forever 21

Pants- Walmart

Not pictured: Jacket- American Eagle (previous picture green jacket) 

Fry Hat (previous picture)- Walmart


Look #5:

Crop Top- Forever 21

Jeans- TJ Maxx


Look #6:

Tank Top- Walmart

Jacket- Forever 21

Jeans- TJ Maxx

Necklace- Walmart

My Morning Routine

6:45 am Turn off alarm

Every morning my alarm goes off at 6:45 am. Like most people I use my phone as an alarm clock. So the first thing I do is turn it off and then cuddle with my boyfriend (yes, I do live with my boyfriend– blog post coming soon about that!). At this point we are on our phones and talk about what we’re going to do for that day.

7:30 am Get up and walk Spirit

By 7:30 my boyfriend and I get up and go outside to get my dog, Spirit and take him out to the dog park near our home. We stay there for about an hour. Spirit enjoys going out and playing with other dogs to get all his puppy energy out. He loves rough housing with other big dogs and is very friendly with people as well as other dogs. At first my boyfriend and I didn’t know how well he was going to react to other dogs because it was his first time at a dog park, but he does really well and has fun! That’s the important thing!

8:30 am Go home and take a shower

By the time Spirit, Kevin, and I all get home from the dog park, my mom is up and making Kevin (my boyfriend) and I breakfast. As she’s making breakfast we go upstairs and take a nice shower after we play with Spirit.

9:00 am Get ready for the day

Around 9:00 I get out of the shower and towel myself off. After I towel myself off, I wrap my hair in the towel and I figure out what to wear for that day. Once I figure out what to wear I put the clothes on and start doing my hair and makeup. My shirt is from Forever 21, my dark purple bralette is from Kohl’s, my pants are also from Forever 21, My necklace and hoop earrings are from Icing. My shoes are from Target from the kids section because I have really small feet hahaha. I use the Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream and then blow dry my hair straight. After I blow dry it, it’s still a little frizzy that I run a straightening iron through my hair to help with the frizziness. With my makeup I like to keep it simple. I do my eyebrows first with my Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Ebony. Then I use my Maybelline FaceStuidio Master Conceal in Light/Medium to clean up my eyebrows. Then I do my winged eyeliner using my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. I then put on a few coats of Benefit Roller Lash mascara and L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara both in black. I use my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which gives me a nice demi-matte finish and to top it all off highlighter and lipstick! I use the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighting palette in the color Champagne Pop on the cheeks and nose and cupids bow and inner corner of my eye. In this picture I decided to wear my EBIN 24 hour Liquid Lipstick in the color Hollipop. Spray a matte setting spray and voila!

Processed with MOLDIV

Between 9-11 (Mondays and Wednesdays) I finish up any last minute homework, print stuff out etc. 

(Mondays/ Wednesdays) 11;10-12:30 Go to school

I go to a community college and I have my English class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Right now we’re on a grammar review and we have a test next week. Got to prepare for that soon!

2:00 pm Work

My boyfriend and I go to work at 2:00. Luckily, we work together so it’s not so bad. On Fridays and Saturdays we open and close the store.

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GRWM: Date Night

Processed with MOLDIV

Hi Loves,

Today I thought I’d share my Glam / Date night kind of look. I went on a date last night with my boyfriend, so I thought I’d share with you the typical kind of thing I’d wear for this kind of occasion.

Base– Benefit POREfessional and Benefit POREfessional Matte Rescue
Foundation- Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Concealer– Maybelline Master Conceal by Face Studio

Powder– NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat

Bronzer– Rimmel Natural Braonzer

Highlighter– Becca x Jaclyn Hill Prosecco Pop

Brows– Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony

Eyeliner– Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara– Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Lips– EBIN Matte Liquid Lipstick



I did an egg and coconut oil hair mask and then shampooed and conditioned my hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner. I then used some leave in conditioner by it’s a 10 and blow dried and straightened my hair. I then used Gorilla Snot Gel and sleeked my hair back into a simple high ponytail. Topped it off with my denim looking fry hat.



Because our date was just going to walk around downtown I decided to go with something casual. I’m wearing my Hollywood tank top from Forever 21 and some flower printed black jeggings from Walmart. Over the tank top because I didn’t know if the restaurant we were going to was going to be cold or not, I decided to wear an army green color jacket from American Eagle. I then paired it my black and white converses. For jewelry accessories I’m wearing some gold hoops that says “Babe” on it and a gold circle chocker


And that is my completed look for an ideal date night/ going out glam look. I’d love to know your thoughts and what you think. Also if you have any tips for me!

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Storytime: Why I dropped out of high school and going to community college

Weather you know me in person or you know me through the internet. You know me, but you don’t know my story. Yes, I’m an Asian American with strict, Asian, tiger parents. So, you can imagine, my conversations with my parents wanting to drop out of high school was difficult. Now, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but if you are currently in high school, try not to drop out. I did try. I didn’t want to drop out, but my circumstances made me drop out. I don’t want to say the word “made me” because obviously it was a choice, but I did everything I could to stay. But dropping out didn’t mean I didn’t care about my education. I already made plans to take my GED the moment I drop out. I got my GED in March of 2017 and now I’m currently attending a community college in my town. It was the best decision I have ever made. My path may be different than everyone’s but my goal is the same and that is to go to community college, transfer to a 4 year university and get my degree.

Dropping out of high school was a difficult decision for me. No, it wasn’t because I hated school because who doesn’t hate school? I’ve been bullied since my 6th grade year. Yes, I know everyone get’s bullied, I should suck it up blah blah blah. And I did, I even transferred every year of my high school career. My junior year, I did not realize I had depression until my senior/junior year. I failed English my junior year so I got held back, that’s why I said my “senior/junior” year. In the middle of my senior year, or so I thought,  during Homecoming week the administrators called me into the office and told me I was getting held back. I cried and asked if I could skip Homecoming week and stay at home. They all agreed and told me that was fine. I also got diagnosed with depression while all of this was going on. In December of 2016 I got admitted into a mental/behavior institution. I missed so much school that it was hard for me to catch up. I realized maybe God is telling me this wasn’t the right time to be going to high school. So I talked to my mom about it and she agreed that because I missed too much school and that I might have to get held back again that I should drop out, but I had to promise her that I will get my GED right away or at least try. So I did. Now 9 months later, I got my GED and I’m going to community college. I thought of every possibility and every outcome for every decision I was about to make. Make sure if you are thinking about dropping out to see if it’s in your best interest and you are not dropping out because you hate school. I care about my education and I believe everyone should strive to be the best person they can be and get their education.

P.S. Make sure your mental health comes first. That’s what ultimately helped me decide on whether I should drop out or not.